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Standards and Accessibility
Stellus design sites for their clients' visitors. A website's success is always measured by the reaction the visitors have, so we cannot understand why other design companies concentrate on making a site look great and completely skip any investigation of visitor requirements.
We believe in giving our clients control over their websites and our Content Management System (CMS) allows clients to update their sites as easily as possible. Clients need no special software or skills as the CMS is customised to match the specific management tasks relevant to the site and content. In this way clients don't end up with a bloated and complicated CMS with 90% of the functionality never being used. Anyone who has worked with a commercial CMS will understand what we mean.
Successful brands always have a visual signature or logo. Stellus have experienced designers who can produce striking logos which differentiate a client's business from their competitors and allow customers to form a relationship with the brand.Stellus usually produce several draft logos in various colours so the client can easily comment and state their preferences. The designer will then use the client's comments to produce a final logo.
Stellus offer a wide range of ecommerce solutions to suit the client. Clients can opt for a simple order form or an advanced shopping cart solution or somewhere in the between.
Stellus can create a sophisticated solution that tracks customers' purchases, calculates the bill and accepts payments in an easy and intuitive way that maximises sales. A Content Management System (CMS) would allow clients to add and modify products, track orders and manage their shop.
Stellus provide full site maintenance and hosting services. We monitor all hardware and software using a sophisticated 24/7 alerting system.

Two Separate Data Centers

Stellus do not host on one set of servers in one hosting center like most suppliers. We use two completely separate data centers over 20 miles apart that use totally different carriers. Several times a day the two sets of servers are synchronized and if there were to be a major carrier outage or some other major disaster then internet traffic would be routed to the secondary set of servers. Using this method Stellus can offer uptime that would be impossible to match using a single site hosting solution.


Unlike many other web design companies who rent non-brand servers, Stellus use their own IBM servers. Stellus only use hardware that is fully redundant so there is no single point of failure. All our servers have two hot swap power supplies, hot swap redundant fans and hot swap disks in redundant arrays.


Stellus only colocate in data centers renowned for the latest fully resilient infrastructure. Both the data centers Stellus use have multiple levels of 24/7 security, stable high-capacity power supplies, fire protection, in-house support and complete environmental controls.
Stellus is able to complement a client's website with a full branding package. Our designers have extensive expertise in print design, from corporate identity and literature to branding.
The programmers and designers at Stellus have a deep understanding of web standards and accessibility guidelines and realise their importance in modern web design.
Designing sites to conform to accessibility guidelines ensures they are constructed correctly and perform as expected on a wide range of computer systems and web browsers, including those used by people with sight problems and other disabilities.
Sites built using web standards download faster and work on today's and tomorrow's browsers. Content and structure are separated, so if one presentation of your content is not appropriate (e.g. for web browsing on a handheld device) another presentation can be applied.